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Address: 200 Technology Dr, Suite J., Irvine, CA 92618

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What we do

Greempower is a green energy company committed to making a positive impact on the environment and its clients’ energy savings. We believe everyone should have the freedom to decide what type of energy source they want to use. Solar can be misunderstood at times. At Greempower, we strive for property owners to have a logical and comfortable experience, from beginning to end. If solar ends up not fitting their needs, we’ll be equally satisfied to have helped them to be more knowledgeable about renewable energy.
As consultants, our expertise is working alongside the customers and studying the household’s energy needs, roof space possibilities and best solar options. As a solar energy provider, we take a special interest in our customers and are available for them 24/7 for them. Our installers guarantee the highest standards of quality and speed in their installations. Since 2009, they have installed consistently over 6,000 kiloWatts of solar, through both residential and commercial systems.

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